Instagram Archive Posts: Marketing Strategy

Instagram Archive Posts: Marketing Strategy

Are outdated, seasonal, or giveaway posts cluttering up your Instagram profile? Wondering whether you should delete or archive older Instagram posts from your profile?

Find out how to safely clean up and curate your Instagram profile content, with this advice from Instagram expert Jenn Herman.

Discover the difference between deleting and archiving an Instagram feed post or story, what happens when you archive an Instagram post, and when to use each option.

Learn how to archive a post, and how to restore or undo an Instagram archive post.

You’ll also discover three types of posts you should consider removing from your profile today.

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00:00 Intro
00:30 Delete or Archive Instagram Posts?
01:12 How to Archive Instagram Posts
01:33 How to Restore Archived Posts
02:28 What You Should Archive
03:38 Is Your Instagram Grid Important?
04:26 Instagram Guides Explained
05:09 How to Create an Instagram Guide
05:36 How to Use Instagram Guides

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