How I make my Instagram Reels | ULTIMATE Guide to Growing with Reels!

How I make my Instagram Reels | ULTIMATE Guide to Growing with Reels!

You asked for it – here is my complete guide to making Instagram Reels, including a full tutorial on how to film Reels, edit Instagram reels, including adding text to the screen. And I’m not just sharing a basic how-to, this video is going to dive deep into strategies for growth on Instagram, why Reels are so effective at helping you grow, and how to come up with unique ideas that will help you go viral on Instagram Reels (and gain followers!)

📚Table of Contents
00:00 – 2:41 the ULTIMATE guide to making Instagram Reels!
2:42 – 4:27 Why posting Reels helps you grow on Instagram
4:28 -8:47 How to come up with ideas for your Reels
8:48 – 21:35 How to make Instagram Reels (full tutorial!)
22:36 – 23:17 How to create aesthetic cover images for Reels
23:58 – 24:32 How to schedule your Instagram reels with Later
24:32 – 25:32 Instagram growth is about more than just Reels

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